Does anyone here gig with the Valve Jr., or the Blackheart stack. Just wondering. I know that these are not loud enough to gig on their own, but I mean mic'd up. And if at all possible, I would like to hear some sound clips.
I actually played a gig in a small bar bout a year ago and the other guitarist used the epiphone valve junior (I'm pretty sure that that is the one with just a volume knob and no other way to tweak the EQ of the amp...anyway thats what he was using) and it was loud enough without a mic. to be heard over the PA and the drums, granted he was playing rhythm the whole time. Im pretty sure you can hear soundclips on musiciciansfriend.com
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I've used one as an amp for my electro-acoustic, during an all acoustic gig at a coffee shop. It might work in a full band setting if you mic it, depends on the loudness of the band and how good the PA is.
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If you can wait 'til a reasonable hour, I can maybe do a sound clip for you.

As for the amp, you might want to mic it. You can play over a drummer but you'd be struggling, especially if he's a hard hitting one. You might want to get an EQ pedal and an overdrive to tighten up the sound. The low end is really farty on the thing. Swapping out the valves would be beneficial too.
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my room mate and i had some fun last weekend playing on my blackheart all the way cranked up. it was 3 am and there were like 10 people in my room singing to the stuff we were playing. we just used to volume knob to adjust the volume a bit. it wasnt really loud enough to play anywhere but for a small room. but if you miced it up with a good PA you could probably play any size gig you wanted, as long as the PA had enough power.