At first i wanna say, i'm a total noob with music instrument. Therefor i'm here to learn it

Anyway can someone help me finding out the tabs for this music. It pretty cool music though. An acaustic kind of music.

Hope the pro's here can help me

Cromok - Another You
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And if your trying to find the tabs for that song, heres the page with them http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/search.php?s=Cromok&w=songs

If your trying to find out how to play it I'm sure we can help you too.

thanks for pointing me out that link

by seeing the tab i'm sure i need help reading it
Ok so basically it should look like this. And For starters I think this song would be VERY VERY hard for a begginer to do...Speaking for myself too because this song is like an intermediate to advanced song... I dont think I could pull it off. But anyway if you wanna give it a shot go ahead, I am wrong all the time Lets start with the first part: Note this song is not meant to be played without a pick...At least not by the looks of it


That first one would mean the seventh fret down on your guitar, (the third dot or square on your guitar) on the high e string (the one furthest from you) And strike that string with one finger and the string closest to you with another. the zeros just mean to hit the string without hitting any fret.

The symbols in guitar tabs are the

Slide = the / symbol
H = Hammeron
P = Pulloff
B = Bend

The hammeron - Pulloff part is alot easier to see in a program like guitar pro.. If you need anymore help just ask
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