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UM, so let me begin.
I have an Epiphone G-400 and a Wa15g starter amp..it's a 15 watt washburn starter amp with 2 settings overdrive and clean.
Basically I need to get a Red Hot Chili peppers sound from my guitar, like, on all songs. For example, "Cant Stop" By Red Hot Chili Peppers, "under the bridge" by red hot chili Peppers, Californication by Red Hot chili peppers. I want to know what tone it is..Please tell me what i should set the volume to the tone to the middle and the bass too..also treble..thank you very much for your time
he's got multiple sounds, as well. this won't be easy for you - Frusciante uses a stratocaster, a telecaster, a white falcon, and a les paul. Not exactly a one tone wonder.
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hmm...not gonna happen with an epiphone. sorry bro, you'll need a fender to get anywhere close to frooshy's different tones. check the ultimate settings thread just in case though
You buy a new amp - cheap 15 watt starter amps generally don't do much other than make your guitar louder, or louder and distorted. As far as tone shaping and getting it to sound nice you're usually out of luck.
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Yeah, a strat and a better amp will be a start for getting those tones.

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a strat and a Laney will do you good enough to get pretty close to the Froosh's sound.

My Jag/strat + Laney LC15 can produce a sound quite similar.
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Close, cheapest way to go would be a Fender Standard Strat (MiM) and a Roland Microcube. Yea I wouldn't believe that either if I just read this but I saw this video and the tone blew me away for such a tiny little sh*t .......

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The Froosh uses seriously bassy settings, NOT trebly. This is kind of important when going for his sound, with low mids or bass you lose a lot of the depth in his tone. The funky attack that might "sound" trebly to some is actually the "Input Gain" (NOT really distortion) knob turned way up.
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To get that "can't stop" sound you need a strat. Single coils and that strat's sound is what makes it as it is. I use settings (with a cube-15 and a squier affinity strat):
bass: 6
middle: 3
treble: 7
Its pretty close to the sound of "can't stop"
And remember: even if you have the same guitar as frusciante and the same amp as frusciante and the same pedals that he uses and if you play the same song, you wont get the same sound because everyone plays different. We all have different personalities and thats why we all play different. You may sound close to Frusciante but u'll never sound exactly like frusciante.