so i got the demo but ive been super busy and only got to use it like once or twice and my 15 days are up. is there anyway i can get another trial period? if not anyone want to send me the free version?
i downloaded the full version off limewire when my trial period ended. pretty simple. has the Realistic Sound Engine (not ACTUALLY realistic btw) and everything. no way i would pay for it, not that great, but pretty good for learning more complex songs from tabs.
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Ive paid for it

Definately worth it, you can redownload at any computer if you keep your liscense key, get free upgrades and anything. Its much better value for money than Sibelius
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please stop making threads for five seconds mray and notice that there are many other forums on UG besides the pit that may be more appropriate for your questions.

anyway, if you want guitar pro, i suggest you pay for it. there is to be no sharing of pirated software or cracks or any of that sort of stuff on UG.
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