My guitars just aren't doin it for me with the music i'm playing,
I'm in like a hardcore punk or thrash punk band and, through the line 6 amp i play through neither my SG or Strat sound good through it. Just really ****ty sound, not defined at all, mucky sounding. How can i get a better sound?

May settings are roughly 6 bass 5 mid 5 treble, 7.5 distortion on the "Crunch" channel.

P.S. A new amp isn't happening because this is the only amp available where we practice, at the crummers house.
hmm punk

8 treb, bass 4-5, mid 4-6 maybe. gain your choice but 6 and over.

just so the tone is nice and bright with added treb
Roll back the gain, add treble and mids and take away bass.

Also, this goes in Guitar Gear and Accessories.
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Then you're screwed unfortunately, because the amp is the problem - a new guitar isn't going to change that fact.
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