Hi everyone. I searched over the internet a lot but i can't seem to find any info on this type of tab I'm questioning about.

How do you play a tab like this?


my guess is to mute the G string?
ya or use your thumb or pick and your finger to just pluck those two strings.
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use your ring or middle to hit the higher notes
wats it called hybrid picking(i could be wrong)
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id do the pick and finger but if you want to just use the pick or are strumming it, mute the middle string
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yea, it is possible, but the best way is either hybrid picking or just muting the G string. i'd suggest the latter. you can play the lower note with your index, and the higher with your fourth or pinky finger, and then mute the middle string with your middle finger. once you start getting more advanced, you could probably even mute the middle string with your index finger and the tip of your fourth finger (that's how i do it).
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You could bar-mute all the other strings with your index (first finger) and hold the other notes with your middle and pinky
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mute all the stings with the index and play the other notes with the fingers you can feel more confortable
usually if that happens, the tabber is probably making a mistake.
It should be(I'm not sure) like this:

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