I've been wanting to get a pedal for my guitar for some time now. I have a Kustom Quad 65 DFX amp and for a while have been able to get by , just messing with the gain and treble and stuff. I have a Yamaha model AEX 502 and need advice on some pedals that will sound good with the amp I have. I need a pedal for playing metal mostly, but I want it to have a pretty wide range of sound capabilities. i don't know much about what different pedals can offer, so tell me if i'm getting too farfetched. i want to be able to get like a classic Blue Oyster Cult, Ted Nugent, or Thin Lizzy kind of sound and then also be able to play anywhere from an 80s sound like Van Halen, Def Leppard, Quiet Riot to heavier metal and thrash metal like Metallica, Children of Bodom or Iced Earth. I know all of these bands have much different styles, I'm just looking for a versatile good sounding pedal.
I really appreciate any help, thanks.
It will be pretty difficult to find a pedal, that fits every one of those perfectly but I own a Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal and it is great. It can give many different genres if you mess with the settings, and then amp settings. I highly recommend it, and at GuitarCenter its only like 30$
Get a rockman sustainer and a eq it costs about 250 all together and will get the def leppard sound cause they used em. It will do anyhting you said there except for the metal but It might get close
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An OD? that won't sound to nice with your solid state amp... just save up for a better amp, for what you're playing, a used 5150 combo would be perfect