apparently maxon is very popular around here. i do like my ts9 though
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the maxon od 808 is sick as well. its the maxon equivalent of the ts808. You might want to look into that.
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OCD hands down.
Maxon OD 808. After all Maxon built all the tubescreamers for Ibanez.....they knew their stuff.

The OCD is one of those pedals that is geared toward a very specific sound, and wont work for everyone

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Quote by Bloodshed

The OCD is one of those pedals that is geared toward a very specific sound, and wont work for everyone

i completely agree

i think the descriptions on the site are very misleading, sure i used to love my OCD till i started to hear all its faults, ill agree its a transparent pedal and brings out harmonics and is a great lead boost, and even tightens up your bass quite well


it is terrible for rhythm, and it sounds overly fizzy the only useable setting on it i found were turning the gain just a little and volume more than half way.
its a pretty crappy clean booster it mostly just adds fizzzzzz

dont be fooled by the ocd's charming good looks, and the hype
it can fool you

the maxon OD-9 which i tried out just 3 days ago was pretty much the same accept less defined ...

than i plugged in to a boos bd-2, its alittle different than the tubescreamer type tone but,
extremely transparent and BEEFEY, it is amazing for rhythm and thickens your leads and the harmonics come out just as good if not better than the OCD
it does sound a little sharp if you treble and tone are too high, but hey for 100 bucks this is a steal.
a couple of mods here and there and BAM you got a godly mofo'n OD

what kind of amp do you have?
what styles do you play?
bad monkey isnt listed here but after trying out all of the above its what i went with. its different though... but was what i was looking for and made the most difference in gain.
MAXON over any stock tubescreamer but i would suggest the keeley ts9 flexi 4x2 awesome pedal
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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

Fulltone OCD! but like someone said before, I would get bad monkey if I didnt have that much money
for one, OCD isnt a Tubescreamer.

and two, i'd go for the Maxon.
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i would go for a keeley ts-9 or an ocd. i know how the keeley ts-9 sounds on my rig cause i have one, and i love it. it can add nice gain or it can add just a touch of gain and a good ammount of volume. then the ocd sounds like it would be something i would like. ive never really tried one, but something that brings out harmonics and such sounds like it would work for me. im not one to use much gain, so i dont really care if it sounds bad with gain turned up like that one guy said.
fulltone fulldrive 2 is supposed to be like a tubescreameer with a boost and modes. ive tried one. i liked it better than the tubescreamer i A/B'd.
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TS-9 or TS-808 with the analogman mod...


you are all welcome

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Can i just ask is the OCD actually a tubescreamer? :Wtf:
I'm not sure, but i dint think that it was...
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