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Use a pressure washer. It'll sure get all the stains out!
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For the grim on the body and back of the neck get Dunlop Formula 65 cleaner, for the fret board use Dunlop Formula 01 Cleaner then any brand of fingerboard conditioner. Make sure you clean any saddle or nut slot that has crap in it.

If you didn't mean the condition of the guitar when you said grimy then I have no idea what you mean
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seriously, skip all the fancy cleaning products at first. just scrub the thing with water and then dry it off (standing water = unhappy, unrectified guitar)
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Water does nothing to protect the finish. It also accelerates hardware finish break down, and can get into the finish and cause trouble even if you wipe it off. Fender sells a very nice cleaning kit for about $30 that works great. For cleaning your fretboard, use cotton swabs. Finally, to take rust off your pickups, dab them in WD40. IF you just need to brush off dust and stuff, just use a soft cotton clothe.
icy hot.

seriously though,

paper towel and some elbow grease. i can't believe you made a thread out of this.
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Throw It In The Washer. Don't Forget The Icy Hot.