That is siiiiiiiick dude. I love it. The intro really caught hold of me. I love it, you have a great band going. I'm definetly about to download that. I really dont have any suggestions you've got stuff tight music wise. You should try to do the two screams like in the intro a little more though, that REALLY got my attention. Great song imo.

Crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=792868

It's the first experimental song I've made and it kinda puts me in a daze, thanks.
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here is a track from our first full length. its called Abrasion. www.myspace.com/anastashiaband i play guitar, tell me what you think please! thanks, i'll crit for crit.

It sounds awesome, man. It's crazy that you guys are from Nashville, because I live kind of close to N-ville. I'll have to come to one of your shows, because you guys rule!
very nice, Facemelter of an intro
doesnt literally melt your face off like Silorn's 'Think Tank'
but thats not necesarily a bad thing, faces aid in living.

much respect!
Not a death metal fan in any way but I listen here and there because I can appreciate good musicians. Your a really good guitarist man I would definetly hang out and listen to you guys if I heard you at a club.
If you check my profile song please leave a comment on any part.....THANKS!!!
nice job carson! i've been checkin your **** out for awhile and its all grade A.

congrats on getting into a band finally, and congrats again with your gig with the Faceless. Marco isn't still playing with them is he?

i gotta know, and i'm pretty certain, but that is a drum machine on the recording?
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great track here the production is spot on, there isnt much else to say about it really, good playing, good production, good song. at 1:21 there is a floor tom? that majorly distorts, thats it though.
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I'm just posting to tell you that I thought it was really great. It all blends together very well, and I like all the mixing of screams and growls.
Very nice, man. The drumming is insane! The vocals seem to blend in with the whole song incredibly well. You have an amzing vocalist, do you know that? I LOVE how he alternates growling and shreiking. Great stuff, guys, and ROCK ON!
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