I have a second generation digitech whammy and recently it just stopped turning on...no lit up led's on the power indicator or anything.

Does anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong and how I could repair the unit? it's 2 years old and past its warranty so I'd rather not spend money and wait weeks for digitech to repair it. I do have some general circuit knowledge but have no idea where i should start.

Thanks for any advice

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Mine does weird stuff too. I usually use it for the song "Searching" by Joe S. I called them, and although it was not under warranty, they told me how to reset it. And i think i can remember how to do it...

First, turn it off. Make sure the pedal is in the angled back position. Then press down and hold the footswitch(the one that turns it on) on the whammy, then turn it on. The lights should light up, then rock the pedal back and forth twice, slowly. Return it back to the "up angled" position and turn off the pedal. When you turn it on it should work again.

I have to say those things are a bit tricky....i dont trust em that much...meh? Hope this helped, GL.