Hey guys, I just got done reading a good book and I just kind of picked up my guitar and playing how I felt, I think the book somewhat inspired me. This is a first take/improv/experimental song. But I want to know if it makes anyone else feel weird. It's kind of 'soothing' at first and then near the end turns a side to the atmospheric. I will definetly C4C so leave a link! I give you props if you listen to the whole song, I understand how someone wouldn't want to listen to a 5 minute experimental song.

EDIT: Songs in my profile, it's the only one atm.
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I like the idea behind it, very laid back, sorta Pink Floydish. I think you need some more variation in there but as a foundation it could work very well. Try adding some synth strings, maybe an organ or something in there for backing and then a nice big solo (Comfortably Numb style). Even just a cutoff in the guitar to straight acoustic piano would be pretty sweet after a little build up to drop off the tension. Back to some calm keyboard melody.

If you have some time check out my idea in this thread:

It's just the opening idea for a song with an improvised lead and whatnot. A buncha mistakes but I'm just going for the basic structure as a building block for a song later on.
Hey man, its played well but the two main things I think need changed is 1. shorten it up just a little. 2. I think youve captured this genre pretty well but it needs to rest alot more, instead of so many repeating patterns perhaps try holding or stretching out parts longer.

Theres this fine line of making a song to long and repeating...that makes the listener feel like yor beating around the bush to get your message to them. Then you have the to short version of getting your point across to quick leaving the listener with no story to think of.

wow I hope that made some sense lol.

Generally go with your instincts, if you think a part is to long then it probably is. But thats a tough thing to accomplish. Overall well done.
If you check my profile song please leave a comment on any part.....THANKS!!!