I presumed it would be best in this forum.

I am after a new pick guard (with a fairly nifty design on it) for my Fender Strat. However the only place I have seen them is Harrods in London, and to be quite honest I am a fairly lazy person and don't want to walk there (not enough time...) so does anywhere know where I can find them on the internet?


I wouldn't walk there either really far for me and i couldn't even walk most of it(damn ocean)
but seriously ebay and google are great friends when your looking for something unique
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Harrods in London has pickguards with cool designs on them!? No way...I have a Harrods shirt....Im not sure if i've even been there, I think so....i live in Canada anyway...but I also have a custom pickguard business, link in sig

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Quote by muikoma
Harrods in London has pickguards with cool designs on them!?

They got a whole Music department and its the only place in London I have found that stocks every levys guitar strap. Its pretty cool inside.

and thanks, i'll check out your site