hi guys,

i recently got a new vox amp (ad15vt-xl if anyone is interested in the specific model) and as much as i try with the settings, my sustain for a note is less than 5 seconds. i dont think there's a problem with my guitar since sustain was fine on the previous amp, altho if it was the guitar, it would be a good excuse to buy a new one =). so there must be something i havent thought of in terms of amp settings. any help would be greatly appreciated.

i think if you turn up the gain you can increase sustain. i hear a compressor works too. i believe also that technique can effect this, but someone more educated then me will have to elaborate.
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You could try turning up the bass. I find that helps sustain a bit.

A compressor would also work but that's going to cost money & just add extra **** to your loop. It's better to keep it simple.
ive tried turning gain and bass all the way up and w/ vibrato. it sounds like the note just quickly fades out
Is the ad15vt in the Valvetronix series? It should have an effect called 'comp' built right into it.
gain and compression help. If your not willing to spend money try vibrato.
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