ok this is a fun game i made up a while ago.

first take a song, type the lyrics in (first verse or chorus only please)here and translate them into japanese. then copy and paste and translate back to english. the results are hilarious.

for example
a song everyone knows. smells like teen spirit

origional (please post.)
With the lights out, it's less dangerous.
Here we are now, entertain us.
I feel stupid and contagious.
Here we are now, entertain us.
A mullato,
An albino,
A mosquito,
My libido.
Yay, yay!

translated lyrics.

The light/write and, that is more dangerous little. Us who are held in heart now there are we, here. I foolishness, am moved by contagion characteristic. Us who are held in heart now there are we, here. The mosquito of mullato, Shirako and A, my libido. Obtaining obtaining! Yay Yay!

ok now you guys try.
This has to be done:
Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I liked to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air

In west Philadelphia born and raised
On the playground was where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool
And all shootin some b-ball outside of the school
When a couple of guys
Who were up to no good
Startin making trouble in my neighborhood
I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
She said 'You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air'

I begged and pleaded with her day after day
But she packed my suite case and send me on my way
She gave me a kiss and then she gave me my ticket.
I put my walkman on and said, 'I might as well kick it'.

First class, yo this is bad
Drinking orange juice out of a champagne glass.
Is this what the people of Bel-Air Living like?
Hmmmmm this might be alright.

But wait I hear there're prissy, wine all that
Is Bel-Air the type of place they send this cool cat?
I don't think sow
I'll see when I get there
I hope they're prepared for the prince of Bel-Air

Well, the plane landed and when I came out
There was a dude who looked like a cop standing there with my name out
I ain't trying to get arrested
I just got here
I sprang with the quickness like lightening, disappeared

I whistled for a cab and when it came near
The license plate said fresh and it had dice in the mirror
If anything I can say this cab is rare
But I thought 'Now forget it' - 'Yo homes to Bel Air'

I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8
And I yelled to the cabbie 'Yo homes smell ya later'
I looked at my kingdom
I was finally there
To sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel Air
Turns into...
Now, this I Bel Air how became Oji of the town which was called, the bullet my life how concerning being turned, whether upside-down you liked the fact that you take the fair amount which just says me there where me whom you obtain it makes sit down, is the story complete, it withstands at the athletic field, with フィラデルヒィア the west which rises me everything it is cool, you used, ' ' the majority of relaxin of Chillin of many day from my ' maxin ' it is, movin of your aunt ' and uncle of the bell air ' being it does me in trouble of my neighborhood to good Startin where When 23 people who are not one a little fight and entering into my mother, shootin which b sphere outside the school obtains it was her entirely, being the place where it makes can have, as for me her and everyday everyday request, as for her who was defended it stuffed the box of my continuation, she gave kiss to me, sending my method then of giving my ticket to me. I put in place my walkman, am said, perhaps you kick ' me and that '. First class and yo which drink the orange juice from the champagne glass are this bad state. People some like the bell air which has lived it is this? Perhaps Hmmmmm it is without this something to say. But it has done securely, but type bell air those to send this cool cat the wine which is place the waiting when entirely I hear a certain thing? When as for me as for those being prepared because of Oji's of the bell air I am desired there, the sow me I who of the thing which is seen do not think when you obtain, am present, to be good, the airplane which lands like the policeman who there stands there quickness like the reduction to which I go out leapt here where I who am obstructed am obtained exactly me, my name which does not try the fact that you obtain to be the man who is visible, I ' now that ' - ' the Yo house to the bell air ' forget thing me this taxi am rare because of the taxi, but As for me the whistle was blown with anything which can say that you thought, when coming to the vicinity of the license plate, being the dies called with new mirror thing, I pulled out in the house concerning 7 looked at my kingdom which finally or 8 and as for me 叫 am I afterwards ' me being placed with my throne as Oji of the bell air is there in cabbie ' Yo house smell ya

Big post is BIIIIIIG.
Welcome to the jungle
We got fun 'n' games
We got everything you want
Honey we know the names
We are the people that can find
Whatever you may need
If you got the money honey
We got your disease

As for welcome us to the jungle
us as for you us with us when
you obtain the honey of the money
which us obtains your sickness
when as for those which are is found with
anything the game of the pleasure ' n which obtains
everything which you think that we want the honey
which knows the name which is the people who can need ' profit


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The opening track for Pig Destroyer's Prowler in the Yard album, "Jennifer"

Jennifer wrestled her friend playfully to the ground
infront of the snowcone stand and began licking at the
girls eyeballs, as if they were sugar cubes. Their
bodies convulsed and flailed with an almost seizure
like intensity. At times their pale limbs seeming to
shift back and forth from one torso to the other. A
crowd gathered almost immediately to watch these two
girls tie and untie their bodies like a pair of
pit-vipers. They were confused, or concerned, or
shocked, or aroused, or all of the above. But no-one
dared interfere with the performance. Jennifer's long
ashen hair hung down concealing the girls face like a
curtain around a hospital bed. No one had any idea
that the girls eyes were revolving under her ruby
tongue. "This is disgusting, it's pornography"
exclaimed a pasty slut white woman in a fur coat,
vanilla ice-cream smeared across her double chin like
a money shot. Counting a balding professor type in his
mid-forties, his left hand stuffed crassly down the
front of his pants "No, no, no. This is beautiful,
this is art."

Now from Japanese to English;

As for ジェニファー way those are cube of the sugar in terrestrial infront of the standpoint of snowcone, her friend playfully it struggled, started licking with the eyeball of the girl. As for their bodies grip and majority convulsed and flailed like strength. Occasionally the thin kind of limb which from one torso moves to front and back in other things. Their bodies the girl these 2 like the pit viper of group were tied, crowd almost got together immediately in order to observe at that it solves. They have confused, or it was worried, being able to give impact or, or making awaken, or the above-mentioned everything. But everyone who is done boldly interferes efficiency. The ashen hair whose ジェニファー is long caught under the thing which hides the surface of the girl like the curtain around the bed for the hospital. There was no thought everyone the eye of the girl turning under tongue of her ruby color. "As for this truly well, the pornography which that is" coat of the fur which shouted, crossing her double jaw like shock of the money, it is the white woman of pasty slut of the vanilla ice cream which it can be accustomed to painting. Counting balding professor, that left hand crassly that pants "no it is plugged, type in do that intermediate 40 age, under the front part of no and no. This is beautiful, the art which this is. "
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cowboys from hell: Under the light/write where we stand high no one in us, while the fearing shootout and the extent touches with all Showdown, as for any our things we are attached in order to expand, word in the land which says the black of wear of the villain who cannot turn outside something which is as for us we who are the acquisition of gonna comin ' and ターキン with respect to this town which your everything together is we as for us for the range your gun come here where you look at that you evacuate, that deceleration next, the hell directly the cowboy from behavior is for the second time done with us being, it is You as an aim, it was normal and to be your city which my friend, looks at that you who are the cowboy from the hell friend ' cause noon of ほ and others which us won and does not speak, with us it is not of for the sake of destiny Comin ' you more carefully and hears therefore from the darkness and with vision from my double barrel anywhere do to the light spark to throw do to plunder the village at the place, the scene, but trash my that ' ghost town 12, a certain cause of measuring accurately improves the acquisition which is not, your time, me it tightens We whom it is not possible comin ' and ターキン with respect to this town which your everything together is we as for us the range you for the gun come here where you look at that you evacuate, my friend, you look at that you who are the cowboy from the hell friend ' cause noon of ほ and others which us won you where that deceleration next, the hell directly the cowboy from behavior for the second time is done with us and is as an aim, does not speak, with us it is not of for the sake of destiny Comin ' you more carefully you hear
Anarchy in the UK
I am an anti-christ
I am an anarchist
Don't know what I want but
I know how to get it
I wanna destroy the passer by cos I

I wanna BE anarchy!

As for me as for me you think that we want, but I being, those where I have known the method of obtaining that we would like to destroy I pedestrian, I anarchist do not know as for me who am anti-christ think that we would like to be disordered,!
"Sir Psycho Sexy" - RHCP (original)
A long, long, long, long time ago
Before the wind, before the snow
Lived a man, lived a man I know
Lived a freak of nature named Sir Psycho

Sir Psycho Sexy that is me
Sometimes I find I need to scream

He's a freak of nature
But we love him so
He's a freak of nature
But we let him go

Deep inside the garden of Eden
Standing there with my hard on bleedin'
Theres a devil in my dick and some demons in my semen
Good God no that would be treason
Believe me Eve she gave good reason
Botty looking too good not to be squeezin'
Creamy beaver hotter than a fever
I'm a givin' 'cause she's the reciever
I won't and I don't hang up until I please her
Makin' her feel like an over achiever
I take it away for a minute just to tease her
Then I give it back a little bit deeper

Sir Psycho Sir Psycho yea he's the man that I met 1 time
Sir Psycho Sir Psycho yea he's the man that left me blind
Sir Psycho Sir Psycho yea he's the man he's the man he's the man

He's a freak of nature
But we love him so
He's a freak of nature
But we let him go

I got stopped by a lady cop
In my automobile
She said get out and spead your legs
And then she tried to cop a feel
That cop she was all dressed in blue
Was she pretty? Boy I'm tellin' you
She stuck my butt with her big black stick
I said "what's up?" now suck my dick
Like a ram getting ready to jam the lamb
She whimpered just a little when she felt my hand
On her crotch so very warm
I could feel her getting wet through her uniform
Proppin' her up on the black and white
Unzipped and slipped "ooo that's tight"
I swatted her like no swat team can
Turned a cherry pie right into jam


Hello young woman that I love
Pretty punk rock mamma that I'm thinking of
Hold me naked if you will
In your arms in your legs in your pussy I'd kill
To be with you, to kiss with you, I do miss you
I love you

Lay me down ....
Descending waves of graceful pleasure
For your love there is no measure
Her curves they bend with subtle splendor

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the funk will make me freak
If I should die before I waked
Allow me Lord to rock out naked
Bored by the ordinary time to take a trip
Calling up a little girl with a bull whip
Lickety split go snap "snap"
Girl gettin' off all in my lap
The tallest tree the sweetest sap
Blowin' my ass right off the map
Ooo and it's nice out here
I think I'll stay for a while


A long, long, long, long time ago
Before the wind, snow before
Living in a man, a man who lives in the know
Live in a freak of nature named SASAIKO

Sometimes you need to know to scream I find

He is a freak of nature
But we love him
He is a freak of nature
But we forgive me go.

Deep down inside of the Garden of Eden.
I stood there on the hard disk bleedin '
Then Dick theres some of my devil devil my semen
It is not God's good treason
She is a good reason for me to believe that Eve
Botty view is too good squeezin '
I was givin '' She is the cause of the receiver
And I want it to, I will hang up my girlfriend please
Makin 'She feels like over achiever
I have one minute to leave her alone bullying
Then back a little bit deeper

SASASAIKOSAIKO No, the man I met him an hour
SASASAIKOSAIKO No, he left me blind man
SASASAIKOSAIKO No, he is the man and he's a man's man

He is a freak of nature
But we love him
He is a freak of nature
But we forgive me go.

Women got stopped by police
My car
She said as a back out of legs spead
Then she tried to cop a feel
She's all dressed in blue cups
She is not clean? My boy was tellin 'you
She is still my buttocks to her big black sticks
I said "What?" So I suck Dick
Like jam on the preparation of the Ram Lamb
She whimpered a little when I felt a hand
She's very warm crotch
I retrieved her sopping feel her uniform
Proppin 'her up, black and white
すべっunzipped and "it is tight ooo"
She swatted me like never swat team
Turned to the right JAMUCHERIPAI


Hi love young women
Pretty punk rock and I think that I
In my case, naked Hold
Your arms and my legs, to kill a cat
You, and to kiss you, I miss you
I love you

Descendant graceful wave of pleasure
I have no love for action
They turn to the delicate curve of her greatness

Lay down and sleep now I
I pray for the freak Funk
If I die before I waked
Lord bon appétit naked and taken to lockout
Bored by the usual time off for travel
A little girl calling bull whip
Go lickety split snap "Snap"
Girls gettin 'off all my Rap
The highest tree sap sweetest
Blowin 'MAIASUOFU on the map right
Out here and it's nice ooo
I stay for a while

...Sasaiko.. That's hilarious..!

you can be in my dreams if i can be in yours
Stairway to Heaven:
There's a sign on the wall but she wants to be sure
'Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings
In a tree by the brook, there's a songbird who sings
Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven
Ooh, it makes me wonder
Ooh, it makes me wonder

There is a sign in the wall, but ' in occasionally word the cause thing where you have known that it is two meanings with the wood by Ogawa she thinks that it is songbird which misgiven Ooh which is sings everything occasionally of our thought that we would like to verify, wonder Ooh is done in me, wonder is done in me
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The chicken obviously came before the egg....of course I only say that because I hate eggs.
knew this would be epic...

Original: "Vicer Exicser" by Whitechapel

I will spit right in your f**king face.
How does it taste?
After I sew the lips below your waist...
You will never f**k again!!!


I you spit very just with the surface.
How does taste do that?
After I sewed the lip under your west,
it does not have sexual intercourse under any condition for the second time!

lulz i might do some more.
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I think this man has a reputation to defend and "poop head" is not in that reputation.

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Why have you forsaken me,
In your eyes forsaken me,
In your thoughts forsaken me,
In your heart forsaken, me oh,

Trust in my self righteous suicide,
I, cry, when angels deserve to die,
In my self righteous suicide,
I, cry, when angels deserve to die.

Me of my my and your thought which is abandoned why do to abandon, me, Ohio state it is abandoned with your eye which is abandoned, when your central angel dying being worthy of, when the angel fair suicide of my oneself, with I, dying being worthy of, with fair suicide and I scream of my oneself, shout and rely on.

lol wut?

i shall do more...
Bought for a few pennies
Now you're all just empty
Fucking soulless machines

-All Shall Perish

ok i'm sorry but i just had to....

"I Cum Blood"

Swollen with liquid
Ready to burst
A load of my lymph
Will quench this dead body's thirst
One month in the grave
twisted and half decayed
She turned a putrid yellow
I pissed in her maggot filled asshole

It it could load of destruction intensity A of my lymph the preparation of the liquid, with being added, the thirst of this corpse of 1 month the 癒 palm of the grave which is twisted, as for half the putrid yellow which can be upset with asshole which is filled up me who turn her by her Uzi was made to rot

Bought for a few pennies
Now you're all just empty
Fucking soulless machines

-All Shall Perish