friendly passes and sexual advances,
they're almost like a fashion.
don't starve the girl wanting to be lavished,
ravenous for her rations.
she loves to see their breath condense,
against her cage of glass.
yet grace would fall at her expense,
if she batted an eyelash.

sensitive and misdirect,
seemingly certainly senseless.
but predators constrict their necks,
and strike when the prey's defenseless.

molested senses left her breatheless.
she never meant this to be her sentence.
seemingly certainly senseless.
Pretty nice . I liked the whole narration and tone of it . It flowed gr8 and had some really good ideas.

"molested senses left her breatheless."

really liked this line for some strange reason .

Srry for the lame crit . I'll come later and I'll try to add more into this