Hi I'm deciding between the Roland microcube and the cube 20x. Not by the loudness, just by sound quality, tone, features, price, please suggest for for me. Please dont just say one because its 'better', give me reasons.

By the way, I'm either planning to get a mim strat or an Epi lp and I want to play classic rock such as led zep, rolling stones, RHCP and maybe a little bit of acoustic sounding stuff, which both have the feature.
Does the 20x have the modelling/features as the microcube does.
If the 20x doesn't, then it's basically you're standard SS practice amp.
If it doesn't have the features, go for the micro cube all the way.
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The Roland Cube is pretty nice, but to be honest with you, I'd go with a newer Line6 model.

They don't have all the features that the Roland does, but it has a ton of on-board effects and a very wide plethera of tones.

But it's up to you, if those extra features are important to you, go with the Roland... But the Line6 has a more vast array of tones.
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^ yup yup you havent learned anything from your stay here have you? the only Line6 i would suggest over a cube is a Vetta!

microcube is miles better than the spiders, comparing tone, get the microcube and never look back. my gf's dad has one, i play it just as much as i play her Palomino V8 (which is totally awsome BTW)

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

I was wondering if any of you had tried both and if other than the wattage, it the 20x is that much better then the microcube.