Hi there, my playing really sucks on the electric guitar right now (I only really know several chords right now) and I was wondering if anybody could reccomend some DVDs/Books etc. that could help improve my playing.

Thanks in advance for any help
Check out some of the lessons in the lessons section of Ultimate Guitar (look at the toolbar at the top of your page). Youtube can be handy too.
You might want to consider getting lessons from an experienced guitarist though if you are serious about learning.
For technical proficiency, pick up John Petrucci's Rock Discipline.
For playing in general, watch Marty Friedman's Melodic Control
For music theory, read the sticky and ask questions.
Someones knowledge of guitar companies spelling determines what amps you can own. Really smart people can own things like Framus because they sound like they might be spelled with a "y" but they aren't.
I'd get a real-life teacher, but a little short for dough right now.

Thanks for all the advice, anyways!