Some friends and i have been thinking about it but where do we start?
how did local bands get where they're at?
we dont really care how popular or well known we are (lie)
but who's it start?
ya know.
anybody have any suggestions?
thanks for those of you that help?
and please dont dis on me plz.
im jusy like any other person who enjoys music.
i mean we've all wanted to start a band right?
so help is wanted.
in my experience it boils down to a few things. the first and most important is interest among band members, finding places to play (I suggest open mic nights and parties to start out) and then writing good material which is harder than it sounds. if you have those things you'll be just fine
Just do what my band did, play peoples parties. We were like a liaison band. Would play at a party or after party every weekend for a while.

Then our guitarist had to move
to answer a good question starting a band from scratch sucks a$$ really even with great friends it will fall more than it will fly
Learn a few songs together, and jam together.

When you think you're ready, write some originals.

When you think you're ready, put together a set list, try to get live shows supporting similar bands, record demos, make a myspace, advertise etc. Try to build a fanbase.