hey guys i have a question:

whats better:

Recording Acoustic plug into the computer to the recording software (electric Acoustic)


Record Acoustic by micing it.
The mics will pick up more of the attack of the guitar (more strumming and finger sounds), in my experience the pickups mellow things out a bit too much, but I love combining a couple of mics and the pickups together. Do you have any mics or a recording rig already?
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For me, mic'ing for definite. It's a natural sounding instrument.
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I picked up a few mics in a set a while ago, the MXL 990/991 and both work very well on Acoustic guitar.

For recording guitar I feel the best way is by micing it and getting all the natural sounds you normally get. If its an acoustic/electric you can always mic and DI and see which you like in editing or even combine the two.
If it's an acoustic electric try micing the soundhole and plugging in, and try to get a good mix of both tracks. I usually find that the mic gives it a much more natural sound. Experiment with mic positioning etc.

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It all depends for me.

Most of the time, I'll mic them... but I have run mics and the onboard pre to record a few of mine.

Of course each mic and the direct line from the acoustic/electric are all on separate tracks... so when I mix them I can have precise control over each track... or tone.