I just sat down on my patio to watch the lunar eclipse. Brought out my '84 Mockingbird NJ, and a schooner of India Pale Ale. Started playing, and it just flowed. Sometimes, you get that feeling, and you can just string together phrases like a guitar hero. I was just fiddling arund with some Larry Carlton stuff, and some Kyuss and Slayer tunes that are my default settings, and all the sudden I was in the zone. I was stringing together some things that I really hope that I can remember tomorrow!
Have you ever had one of those calm, peaceful moments where the stars aligned with your playing?
Unfortunately, i have not had an experience like that. Sounds like something to look forward too!
For those who care.
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Cool. At that time i was probably dreaming in bed. I was going to wake up to see the lunar eclipse but eh... my laziness kicked in.
I've had those moments.... my playing is 100 times better when I'm in the zone. Although it wasn't brought on by the moon or alcohol.... i was just sitting there chilling out to some blues, when all of a sudden my playing was excellent. I've had several of these.... the best feeling ever.
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