Ok, I'm still pretty new to playing guitar but I have found a few preferences. My biggest pet peeve so far is sturming chords downward. I don't like how the lower note over powers the higher notes before they are even played. But I also don't like stoking up the strings. So I figured I would string my guitar upside down, but the bridge is shaped for the correct stringing so if I string them this way it will not be in tune. Can I string a left handed guitar upside down, play it right handed and have it be in tune?
Haha, that's what Hendrix did, only the other way round. The bridge is the same on both right and left haned guitars. Its the body shape and the position of the tuners on the headstock which determines whether its left or right handed. So if you want your strap buttons to hang below your neck then go for it but honestly I'd stick with left-handed.
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Guy named Doyle Bramhall II plays a lefthanded guitar strung righthanded but he still uses up and down stokesyou can check him out on Eric Claptons Crossroads DVD's (for clarity he plays left handed)
You're better off just accepting the fact that it's going to take time to get the hang of playing the guitar. You can't look for shortcuts everytime you find something you don't like or don't know.

There's nothing wrong with your guitar, you just can't play it yet.
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What I'm surprised nobody has caught yet is that your planned solution doesn't actually address your problem. If you feel that your low strings are overpowering your high strings, flipping the guitar upside down is not how to go about correcting that.

The first and simplest thing you should do is adjust your pickup height. Lower the bass side and raise the treble side so that the high strings are being picked up more than the low strings. Adjusting your EQ settings may also help a little.
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can i just point out that if ur new at guitar u will get used to it eventually and be able to adjust ur strumming to get the tone u want, if u just deal with it and practice

i mean jesus dude... flipping ur strings around will not change that at all, there are other solutiions:

#1 as i said before jsut practice and adjust ur strumming to get the sound u want
#2 ur pickups may be too low beneath ur higher strings, so just raise that side a little mayb
#3 increase treble and decreade the bass on ur amp
#4 you cant look for a shortcut to fix all ur problems

in conclusion theres one thing ive learned on UG that fixes almost all of my probs:
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I got my first guitar recently and people are telling me to get pickups. I don't get it. What do they do? Do they help you when you drop your pick?
if you play a left handed guitar right handed wouldn't you have to learn all the chords backwards? eg, C being: 01023x not as it usually is: x32010 because your string would be eBGDAE not EADGBe?
I forgot to mention I play acoustic, thanks for all the answers about the pick ups though.

There's another root to this question that I should have asked at the same time. I'm not trying to just take the easy root around a simple problem. I hae two ideas that I need addressed. The first being stringing upside down, all I want to know is if a guitar is strung upside down will it be in tune? In other words does the string position above the sound board make a difference in its pitch?

The second question being can I string in an improper, but not upside down order, and have it be in tune? I strung my guitar 1 3 2 4 6 5 (bottem to top) and I liked the way the chords sounded, but will it be tuneable?

I'm not looking for your opinion of this idea, or want to hear how much you hate me for even thinking of doing this, I just want to know from someone that would know. Thanks in advance for your answers.
My friend make his right acoustic lefty, I dont see why you can't make a lefty a righty. (If that's what your asking)

As for an odd string replacing... I don't know for sure but It would probably cause Truss rod problems.
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