I am putting a rare Roland G-707 guitar synth controller up for sale. This particular one is in NEW condition. Given the fact it is very hard to find one in such excellant condition,
I will not accept anything less than £650 / $1265. I paid more for it than this anyways. Let me know if interested or want more pics.


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Wow! That is a sweet guitar. But youll probably have trouble selling it for that much here. All we get here are people looking for project gutars usually. People selling $1000 guitars usually dont succeed. I hope it works diferently for you though cause that thing is nice.
Damn, if you weren't in the UK I would be really interested. Be aware though on the US ebay those go for around $800 w/ the GR-700. Without it, you're going to have a tough time getting almost $1300 for it, even in the UK. I do wish you good luck on it though.
Well it actually came off of ebay in the first place and another dude was bidding very highly for it too. I bet there will be someone who will pay good money for a pristine one.