Well its that time again for me, and im getting a LTD M-100 2008 edition (the new basswood bodied model), and i wanna put in a new bridge pickup. My friend gave me a DiMarzio Ibz pickup from his prestige, and i've never heard one properly, but i love DiMarzio pickups.

Is There too much of a difference here? Or is there basically no difference at all.

Cheers guys
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It would probably be a step up from what you have stock, but they dont even touch the original Dimarzio's, dont expect great things from them (I.E Dimarzio sounds)
Older DiMarzio IBZ from the Late 80's/Early 90s were actually made by DiMarzio and just rebranded. Current ones are made by Ibanez and designed by DiMarzio, and probably made in Korea.