Okay this is all about the axe you weild and your devotion slam or jam about your axe or just talk about that one brand you refuse to buy because it just plain sucks(*yamaha*eh*hum*fake strat eh*hum*) standard rules apply no flaming each other just the gear understand ect.....ect.....lets get this started.
Yea i got an Ibanez RG, i like it, it was pretty much my first "real" guitar,because before that i had a fake strat just so i could start learning. But yea its got good action bad pickups but whatever, but i thought i got my moneys worth.
I dont think that you have the status within our community to start threads like this

Your join dates sums it up 2bh
play a Jackson RR. Absolutely love it...however I am getting tired of the EMG pickups that came in it. And I find I hardly ever use the whammy feature on the Kahler trem I have.

I've never played a Dean that I've actually liked. So I'll probably never buy one of those.
I'm so sick of all these 2008'ers who think they are the first ones ever to discover the guitar, and think it their sole purpose to spread the guitar gospel.

Electric guitar forum.
Hey join dates have nothing to do with experience i've been playing for a while. Lost my old acount what was i sopost to do just sit on ethe sidelines?
I like the balance and sound of a Fender Fat Strat but the neck is always too long for me and is uncomfortable. I just slap a Warmoth 24.75" conversion angled strat neck on the to make them sound like a Fender but feel more like a Gibson in the neck.
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the pit is for topics not covered by the other forums - coincidentally with this being a guitar website, we have several guitar forums. i believe Electric Guitar would be most appropriate for comparing different guitars.

guys bringing up join dates: newsflash, they don't mean anything. shut up.
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