so i have no recording equip but i want to record all i have is a cell phone. do any sites have a number i can call and record then save and load it up?? sounds dumb iknow but nethings possible
sounds like a good idea.
but i dont think there is such a site.
id recommend booking a studio
I would think if your phone had a voice recorder or MP3 player it should be able to record with its on board mic but you would not be able to get it onto your computer or anything close to good quality.

see my sig. for the video link and watch the UG recording videos I made.
If it's a decent phone, then you should be able to record with the microphone and then import to your computer using the included USB cable. It won't sound good, but I used to use this method (without the importing) on the fly for checking if leads went with the chords I had in mind. Sounds rubbish like.
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