I only have my 'crappy Line 6 Spider III amp from an impulse buy several months ago as a beginning guitarist, and hearing all these things about how I could totally improve my sound has gotten me riled up in replacing my Spider. I've heard many good things about micro-cubes and cubes, as well as some from VOX (cant' really remember which). Of course I've also heard other people mention a few amps they think are better than either, and now I'm not sure what amp I want anymore. Here's what I would like:

-I'm just looking for another practice amp to use in my dorm room or at home, but I may also like one that could work for small jam sessions with a couple friends.

-A nice clean tone (bluesy tone perhaps, doesn't have to be), but also fitting for rock genres like alternative, pop, punk, classic, progressive, and perhaps metal (basically looking for versatility as I'm not completely sure what sound I want). I'd also like a nice acoustic sound like what is in the roland cubes (although I haven't actually heard the sound of the acoustic) because I like to play a lot of songs involving acoustic sound, but would rather prioritize on getting a better amp.

*EDIT* -Oh and I have an Epi LP Plus with SD '59 neck and SD JB bridge pickup if that helps.

On a side note, for those who would choose a Cube, which one of the Cubes would you say is the best for my situation?? Or best in general??

Please provide concrete reasons why you believe a particular amp is best/better, it will help me choose more easily. Thank you UG community for the help beforehand. I'm sure most of you would like me to trash my Spider =P
If you're prepared to spend time tweaking, a Boss GT-8 will work wonders. You really need to spend time with it and read about every feature you're going to use though. It's capable of amazing tones, if you can imagine a sound, it's probably in there somewhere. And it will do it good.

Works nice for jam sessions, too. Just buy a small keyboard amp or use your existing amp(s) until you can get something really nice to compliment it.

More info:



If you want clips of a certain song done with a certain tone, let me know. I'll try to have it up within the next few days upon receiving your PM/post.

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well i can tall you this much do NOT get a marshall MG. becasue you will blow the speaker with duncans in the guitar. i know for experience.

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If you're looking for something for your dormroom or the house, a line6 isn't killing your tone at all. I'd never own one, I keep playing with them at the music store, but I can't get over their "clean" channels vs other great economical amps. If you're worried about your tone in these conditions, consider moving. Otherwise get a AD30VT because they're badass lil amps with lots of room to play with. Very clean and articulated, with plenty of built in gain. I'll warn you the factory presettings suck compared to what you do with it on the manual controls. If you can work a volume dial, you can tweak this amp. Nice thing about the 30 over the 15, the 30 lets you set the output from .5 all the way to 30watts.

But seriously, if you're worried about your tone still being a beginning guitarist why not just practice more? I buy lots of guitar toys, but I know men and women who can smoke me on lesser equipment. Only thing you should worry yourself with is the guitar itself. Static? Shield it. ****ty noise sounds? Star ground the mother and double check important solder points like the jack and the toggle switch. That's where you'll clean up your tone and it'll cost you $20 at the VERY most in parts.
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I think you should keep the spider, AS A PRACTICE AMP, its not too bad. Wait till you wanna start gigging. In the meanwhile, I suggest save up money for a nice tube amp until that time comes.
Keep the spider man. Work on your chops and stuff.

Does the spider really sound that bad to you, or is it because there is a lot of negativity towards it on here etc?

Save your pennies for a 30watt all tube combo, theres no point replacing a ss amp with another ss.
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Check out the Fender Superchamp XD I got it and I love it or it your budget can afford it the Fender Blues jr
Im planing to buy myself a Pod XT... only to have more tones to choose from. Im currently playing on a cube30x.
Yeah, the main thing that worried me was the fact that everyone was bagging on it, and I did notice the spacey sound I got from it on the cleans. But I also wanted the extra amp models that came with amps like the cube. I was wondering if it was worth it to change. As for the wiring, I'm pretty sure all my electronics are fine. There isn't any inconsistency with the sound I'm getting, and no fuzz at all.
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Theres no point in replacing practice amps. Its just a waste. The Spider is actually half decent for a practice amp. Save your money for a tube combo.
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