Fingerstyle guitar,pedal steel and a little dobro playing. No big whoop! Just gives me something to do. ( not a shredder) Check it out but , please be kind! I'm old haha...

Drinkin' up the future, Livin' down the past

05 Tele
07 Tele
98 GUild DV-52
Collins customs
Yamaha AEX1500Archtop
Weber Mandolins
Tut Taylor Dobro and
More Sho~Bud pedal steels than I can carry
wow! great!
timeo abstemios et dona ferentes

- lovermate: fender american stratocaster sunburnst
- powermate: marshall mg 30 dfx

- seiko tuner (sooo useful)
- korg metronome (keep fingers bleeding...)