Started playing acoustic about 6 months ago (still suck) and just started messing with electric. My electric was the crappy Ibanez starter (g10?), and on recommendation decided to replace amp.

Bought :

after the guy tried to sell me a Line 6 spider - told him no after reading many bad comments/reviews on this site.

After messing with the amp, it seems to me everything sounds like crap, like alot of background noise/distortion/fuzz - whatever you call it. I tried messing with the programmed amp settings, tried messing with effects, was trying to get a "cleaner" sound with little success.
Whenever I turn the gain down, the sound just disappears.

I know I'm a noob and might not totally understand how to utilize the amp correctly, my questions are - would it be the guitar making it sound like crap since it's cheap?
is there something wrong with the amp since no sound when I turn the gain down?

Trying to get a hard rock/metal sound, but would also like a cleaner/acoustic-y sound occasionally.

any suggestions/recommendations/help greatly appreciated.
if you turn gain to somewhere around 1/4 you should get a clean sound. control the volume with... the volume knob.
also amp and effects selection will affect the buzz i suppose.

if you plug the amp into an ungrounded socket you'll get lots of buzz when you don't have your hands on a grounded part of the guitar. how do you know if the buzz is ground related? your body will act as a ground when you touch the metal on the guitar and the buzz should dissapear.
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I've got the 30 and the 100 on that amp. Crank the master volume on it. It sounds great when it's driven. sometimes half master with full "volume".
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never used that amp before but does it not have a separate clean channel?, like a switch for clean and one for distortion
that's what i'd have thought. even mine has that
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There are a few things. First as for the buzz. Try your guitar though another amp, if it buzzes like crazy with the gain on, you have a faulty ground. If not, there is a good chance your amp has a problem with its ground. Get it checked out.

As for the tone, have you played with you eq? That makes a HUGE difference in tone and fullness of sounds. If you want a good clean tone, be sure to keep your mids up in the 5-7 range with the bass around 4/5 and the highs about the same. Since it does use a value in the pre-amp, keep your channel volume high, and play with the gain and modeling until you get it as clean as you want. Stay away from the modern high gain settings if your going for clean. I hope that sorts a few things out for you.

I've used one of these before and could get some sweet sounds out of it, and I have a vintage Marshall to compare it too. Also, if you have single coils on your electric, you gonna get some buzz. no avoiding it.
On a side note, gain effects volume as well as the crunch, no gain = no sound. Your amp in no wacky. You always need it to be on a little bit. But hey, a little bit of crunch is a good thing