How do you transport your gear.
Whether it be a halfstack, fullstack, combo, guitar, rack system or an effects pedal.
Is it in a van, a small compact car, or any other thing?Explain your system.

I am interested in this.
My minivan can fit a drumset a halfstack and two guitars. Plus three musicians.

A suburban can fit drumset, halfstack, two guitars, and a big combo if you put it in smartly.

Our drumset is a 6 piece with 4 cymbols and stands and highhats.
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how do you hold it all down
so when you drive it doesn't fly everywhere. thats what i want to know, so when i get my liscence and a van, i will know what to do. i will be putting carpet on the floor of the back. the front will have three seats, and it will have a divider separating the back and front seats. will i just need to lay it all down (cabs) and make sure i pack it good?
i find most stuff like cabs and amps are heavy enough that they arent going to be moving around a lot. then again, teenage drivers cant drive worth shit, so if youre flooring it then slamming on the breaks then stuff might move. just stack things neatly with heavier items supporting lighter ones so stuff doesnt have much slide room. oh, and hard cases for guitars are the way to go.
i have my combo on backseat with a seatbelt round it and bag of pedals and guitar case in the boot
I don't transport my amp, the cab won't fit in my car

But really, if I had to I just put it in our drummer's car, he has an SUV.
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97 Acura Integra coupe - Exactly enough room in the trunk to fit my cab and my head (very snug so the head doesn't rattle around) front to back with my cables and noise reduction on one side and my pedalboard on top. The guitar goes up front with me.
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