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Me and my band are gunna play some songs live in a couple of weeks and we dont have a singer.

we are just gunna do some instrumentals but dont no any good ones to cover

were are gunna do: Megadeth - Duke Nukem Theme
Led Zep - Moby Dick

but carnt think of any more. maybe somthing along the lines of D.T. by AC/DC or Orion by Metallica. somthing with a very rock/metal feel. were not experts so that means no dragon force or steve vai style crazy guitar stuff. somthing easy but real cool and rockin.

if anyone has suggestions plz help
Long Slow Distance by Dixie Dregs


Something metal from Buckethead, like Killing Cone or Bloodless. They're pretty awesome.

Orion would be cool too, but maybe Call of Ktulu would have a better response from the audience.
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you could take a song, and get an instrument to like a violin of even a guitar to pick out the singing, if your good enough muscisians coz its quite hard to do
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Iron Maiden- Transylvania, Genghis Khan, Losfer Words. They're all good.
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Well I'd say Hybrids Of Steel by Arch Enemy but that's in C-standard tuning soooo...

Remember that you can do arrangements of songs that turn them into instrumentals. However, I'd recommend Hangar 18 by Megadeth. Just leave out the singing, cause most of it is solos anyway. Also, perhaps Ashes Of The Wake by Lamb Of God? That's only drop-D...
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dont listen to dream theater. i listen to more classic rock and rock stuff

like: AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, led zep, Aerosmith, van halen and a bit of metal like megadeth and metallica
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Funkadelic's Maggot Brain could be interesting.

+1 definitely!

also try "down, down, down" by satch (pretty slow and bluesy, but now hard!)
you could also do "summer song" by satch, it's not the hardest and quite rocky, also "love thing" if you feel like making love to your guitar
Surfing with the Alien - Joe Satriani
Orion - Metallica
Third Stone from the Sun - Jimi Hendrix
Curse of Castle Dragon - Paul Gilbert

etc i could go on and just list my itunes library

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Long Slow Distance by Dixie Dregs

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i've always found pop to be harder to play than metal... especially shred metal... it's just really fast tremolo picking and the occasional palm mute... and the only chords you have to worry about are power chords...
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Laguna Sunrise by Black Sabbath.

Rat Salad by Black Sabbath for some awesome drum soloing.
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make up your own. its actually really fun and takes the load of writing lyrics off your back.
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Textures by Cynic. Perfection!

+1 This man knows.

Also the band Sleep Terror is pretty cool, all their songs that I have lack vocals and are just guitar and drums.
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Any Satch or instrumental Dream Theater
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Jessica- The Allman Brothers Band
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try Sounds of impalement, soul of a robot, Damaged, or feisty cadavers
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This, if you have a keyboardist and your guitarist is willing to not play for 2 and a half minutes.

Rivers dancing by Gordian knot's a good one, acid rain by Liquid tension experiment, The ytse jam by dream theater, yyz or malignant narcissism by Rush, Stratosphere by Stratovarius. There's lot's of choices out there.
Maggot Brain by Funkadelic is the greatest.
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Inquisition Symphony - Sepultura

Careful With That Axe, Eugene - Pink Floyd
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For me, it's between Biaxident by Liquid Tension Experiment or something (if one, For The Love of God) off of Steve Vai's Sound Theories.
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the gallery- suck it metal/prog heads

By muse? Great song.

SoC by dream theater ftw
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