hey guys
What's the difference between a Wizard II neck and a Fender neck?
I really can't feel or see much of a difference.

Oh and what does fret size mean (jumbo, medium, etc.)?
Fret size literally means the size of the frets. Whether there jumbo (pretty large) medium..(medium) etc.
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hey the wizard II necks are thinner, flatter and have a compound radius(or more dramatic anyway) which means that the neck gets much thinner as you approach the bridge. Whereas a fender is more round a varies little from nut to body. Hope that helped
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and generally only moder guitars (ibanez, jackson, schecter come standard with jumbos, ie. fender are usually medium or large.
Guitars are like voices... only with distortion...
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Most guitars have jumbo frets right?

no not at all, it's just one option.
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