Tighten up an already distorted sound on my dsl 401. I can get a pretty neat blues tone outa it using OD1, but im looking to tighten up OD2 for a tighter (low end mainly) sound. Almost similar to metalica/megadeth, for a really tight chuck chuck sound. The option on the list was the MXR zw-44, theres lots of bad reviews here on UG, but it seems a good pedal for what i need. Which is tightening up a marshall. Anyway will the OCD tighten up? Because i have fulltones clyde wah, and wow!
i've been wondering the same thing myself. i've had a lot of people recommend a lower gain tube in the V2 position. i'll quote a tip someone gave to me

If you want to get rid of more fizz, pop a 12DW7 tube in the V2 position. This tube will drop your OD gain by about 14dB (doesn't effect that beautiful clean channel), giving you a more usable OD1 gain control (much better for classic rock.) There is still a lot of gain on tap. Its a $10 or so fix. When I did this I could actually hear the point where on OD2 where the Fizz came in!

so i assume this will tighten your od1 up to the point where you could probably stick an EQ pedal in your loop to boost your tone to your liking. i found changing my stock speaker to a V30 really calmed the tone down a lot also, got rid of a large chunk of that fizz that you're probably hearing.


i recorded a video of the comparison of the stock and V30 if you wanna check that out.
no i dont mind the fizz, infact i quite like where its fuzzy just wana tighten up the low end. So zw-44 is fav at moment
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