im lpanning of buying an squier affinity tele. its gonna be my mod guitar. i want jsut wondering if this is a good starting point or if there are any better tele's out there (less expensive and sound better) than the squire.
hmm, i've been wondering this too. I'd like to find one at a pawn shop or garage sale, and get it cheap. but i suppose I'd buy one new just to have a tele to mod. might as well get the affinity
get an xavier guitar off of guitarfetish.com. or get an SX or something alogn the liens off of rondomusic.com. they take real good care of what goes out the door, those guys need the business alot more than fender does so they give everything a good look over and setup
^The xaviere guitars do look good THIS seems well worth $160. However they are only available with p-90s or humbuckers
The body and neck on the Squire are great for the price. The rest of the components are somewhat less so. If it's a mod guitar, then you really can't go wrong with it.
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IMO one of the best deals out there are the Squier Standard series guitars.. you can scoop 'em up used for about $100. I bought my last one from Guitar Center for $100 out the door.

They're very playable guitars right out the door as stock.. two point trem system very similar to the American Standard, full size and thickness body (the Affinity guitars are thinner), and while the pickups, tuners, and control pots are typical import quality.. it's very functional.

I've been playing and messing with guitars for over 20 years. If I needed a cheap decent strat today, a used Squier Standard is what i'd be looking for on eBay.