hey guys,
sorry for another intonation thread but when you change your strings and you've had all the strings off for a little bit so you can clean the fretboard, do reckon you would have to wait long for the neck to settle (with new strings on) before setting the intonation
your supposed to set the intonation
then reset the intonation the next day after everything settles and stuff
i think it would help to play the guitar and then set it the next day so the strings stretch out and stuff
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ok thats what i did what if it basically remains the same except for 2 string... was that because i didn't really play it after i changed the strings last night?
It won't matter, after I restring a guitar I do the intonation to play the strings in a bit. I then check the following day and then a few days after that just to make sure
^ that would almost be pointless though because strings would change from many other factors such as, wheather, string get stretched in other parts of the string than others due to bending ...etc