I have a Peavey Half Stack for Sale.

(Prices in USD)-->Prices for shipping will be determined accordingly.
Peavey XXL 100 Watt Guitar Amp Head - $350.00
Peavey JSX 412 Speaker Cabinet - $700.00

I've had the Peavey JSX 412 Speaker Cabinet for a little for a year (present for Christmas '06). It's condition is LIKE NEW. Hardly been used. Used to play once a week with a band, but has hardly been used in the past 6 months. No visible marks,scratches, or tears in anything. It's in the same condition as it was when my step-dad purchased it from Guitar Center. Great amp for metal, and it has XLR outputs so you don't have to mic the cabinet at gigs!

Peavey JSX 412 Cabinet Features:
* 400Ws continuous power handling
* 16 ohms mono
* Four 12" custom JSX speakers (rear-mounted)
* 11-ply birch baffle
* Microphone-simulated XLR direct output
* Black weave grille cloth with JSX logo

I've head the XXL Head for around 2 years. Excellent Condition, hardly any wear and tear. A few dents and scratches on ends from normal use. Works great.

Peavey XXL Head Features:
* 3 fully independent channels
* 3-band active EQ on ultra channel
* 3-band passive EQ on clean and lead channels
* 3-position EQ and gain voicing switches on each channel
* 100W into 4, 8, or 16 ohms (selectable impedance)
* Power level switch for 25W, 50W, or 100W operation
* Damping switch (tight, medium, loose)
* Footswitchable effects loop with effects level switch
* Preamp out/power amp in patching jacks
* Reverb
* Master volume
* Classic jeweled pilot light
* Chromeplated brass control knobs

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I'll get back to you after I consult with parents.
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I bought a jsx fom the usa i live in GB i pluged the chandler digital delay in2 the send and return and be4 i could really move ther was a bang peavey said it was the diode...?valve had gone tht was the 1st time i used send and return so now i scared of trying enything else in the manuel....it says things that dont increase signal gain should be used dose that include the DS1.or what effex do increase signal gain would the chandlers.AND is it ok 2 use normal guitar leads to send an return to the external effex r do u need special one,sim verry sorry 4 this message but i spent a lot and dont use it cos i need 2 hoock up the effex but 2 affraid of doing something wrong.Any out of intrest...r u a fan of the AMA motocross james should be kicking chad reed ass but he seams to be going down the same path as Travis pastrana route hope fully not.Carmichael needs to come back?Any MANNY THANKS Satch 4 ever and AMA 4 ever...??