I'm hoping to get between £150-200 for the Ibanez. £200 on ebay so yeah.
Can be shipped anywhere in the UK for £20
Anyway Make me some offers & what not.

Also selling an Aria Mac (I think its a 50SR)
In pefect condition.
Havent used it since I got my Custom shop so its been hanging on my wall looking pretty. Same as the Ibanez.
Can also be Shipped for about £20
I dont really know how much this is worth maybe £100 ish. I dont know so give me an offer?

Also got a Marshall DSL401 for sale
Its been used in gigs etc so is showing it. There are scuffs on the black material around the side. I recently got the valves etc replaced with the as normal but just new ones. So inside its as good as new =]
Hoping for around £200+ for this
I dont know how much it'd cost to ship but if people are interested I will find out.

I just got a standard pic off google to show you what I mean, its the same colours etc. If someone wants pics of the actual stuff uploading just let me know & I'll do it asap =]



Ibanez RG320FM
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