Angry The more jacked i get the more **** i gotta handle on the streets

With each jacked inch i add to my biceps the more beef i inherit on the streets.

Every night i go out i expect **** to go down, my crew in on look out 24/7.

Ive ruined 2 Armani suits with blood and musta busted the skulls of 50 guys over the summer. Cops all over my business n ****, just waiting to catch me wreckin somebody upside the head.

Just last week my Polish ass was jumped by 8 guys at the lake while i was chillin n **** with my girl. They couldnt get me to the ground since im built for this ****, aint no one knocking me out, you cant kill me son.

I was like "**** this ****" and jumped in my car, floored it and ran 3 guys oiver. Musta broke sum bones n ****. Havent seen them guys since.

My crew is like "you gotta ease up off them weights n ****, or we gonna have beef on every street in the state" but im like "**** no" this is what i was made for. Its in my strong ass Polish blood.
this sounds a lot like the other guy who was posting this crap a while back.
something about being stabbed while manning a door at a club and something else about baseball bats and a gang in an alley.

stop posting copy pasta.
stop it damn
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