Get up this morning and Litytle T is on the phone, turns out some b1tches burnt out the club, crew is arming up, some sh1t is gonna go down tonight. We rekon some pussied assed bouncwrs we beat outta town decided to get even so now we gotta remove their skulls through their anuses like trhey did back in Polska.

Right now im buzzin on a bottle of jack to calm me down otherwise id be tearing sh1t up. My dad is back from europe and that b1tch gets in my face too often, i reckon he needs a balaclava beatdown when he goes out tonight.No witnesses. Rattle sum sh1t up.

Im about ready to bust this town up, sh1ts been going off everywhere, pussied assed b1tcfhes think im getting soft or sum sh1t. Time to start cracking some skulls and reminding people we run sh1t in this place.

Just last night im fiullin up ythe Benz and these clowns drive by hollering sum **** so i jump in and drive after them, musta been going 155mph cause im flooring it, these pussies r running scared cause they know they are in trouble and due a whoopn. Good thing is they went right into a pole at 80mph, driver went through the widscreen. DOA. one less due a beating,
That text is too long
Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm.
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That text is too long

I suggest you try reading a book for once in your life.

And lol @ troll.
the mods a re slow this day
im waiting too see u be banned

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Tokio Hotel is probably the worst thing Germany has produced since WW2.

Your a liar. I thought you threw your dad out the window.
I bet his last words were .... *REPORTED*
Hurp De Durp
Wasn't that the lyrics to "Ice Ice Baby," or did I just stop reading too soon?
"Virtually no one who is taught Relativity continues to read the Bible."