I've been watching you,
through tight-knit curtains, and closed blinds
I've been mocking you,
in the darkest corner of my mind
I've been talking to you,
on old, fine parchment, and a pen to write with
I've been following you,
as I step to the edge of my drive,
one more time...

certain admirations,
from these complicated feelings,
would you blame me if you knew,
that I don't understand, I can't make a grasp
curtained ambitions,
and all these secret revelations,
would you blame me if you knew,
that my sight is tunneled through your window...

**I really don't know where this came from....just having one of those sicko moments..heh
Erm, very dark, lol.

Good piece of writing though, leaves little to the imagination. Creates the idea of a stalker/peeping tom kinda guy, never letting his victim think they are safe. Kepp up the good work man! Return the crit? Newest song is in my sig, cheers! Let me know what you think.
yeah....i couldn't really spend any time on it....sitting here in my cubicle at work, but I like to write about things like that sometimes.....kinda stepin' outside the box...or in my case, cubicle. lol