Hey guys, I have a Fender Blues Jr. and using a Strat. I am a semi-beginner and trying to get some ideas from you that have a Blues Jr. Can some of you share your settings that you use and what type of music your playing with those settings? Like, do you change settings or use effects pedals to go from clean tone/lead to heavy metal/distortion? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks J
Settings... Obviously you know what treble, bass and mid do. With your set up, many strat players set bass around 9/10, middle around 4/5 and treble around 7/8. This gives you a typical strat blues twang sound. Presence is like a buffer for high frequencies, the higher it is set, the more high harmonics it lets through. Reverb creates ambience, most people set this around 3 or so and leave it on all the time.

Changing sounds: yes, get pedals. Unless you play loud volumes, the drive/clean channels on fenders are basically indistinguishable. Also, you have to work within the natural voicing of the amp/speaker. It is a blues amp. You will never get a good distortion/metal sound out of it, even with pedals. Thats just the nature of product you own, its not designed to do that.

My recommendations for a good beginner set up. An overdrive distortion pedal, a tube screamer (or clone) is a timeless classic with your set up. You'll get the most use out of this no question. For a second pedal, you have some choices. Chorus, wah or delay would be the next logical choice.

any questions about what i said let me know
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