I'm currently abit bored with my setup, and I need a new sound to get out of it.
As you can see the setup in my signature, I think I need a new type of distortion because I can only choose one type of distortion per song with the ME50 and I believe stompboxes would sound better. I'm looking for the tight distorted tones of Steve Wilson of Porcupine Tree.
What other pedals does he use? I am tired of just using delay all the time. :/

Any advise would be appreciated!
Going for his tone would be hard... He uses some sort of weird combo of boutique stuff, digital stuff and modded stuff. On his pedalboard he has three kinds of "distortions", Analogman Sunface Fuzz, Badcat Two Tone and some distortion by Boss (I don't think that's what he uses most of the time though...).
He likes Line 6 (their more expensive stuff I believe), but everything goes to a Badcat Combo-amp, which is amazing(ly expensive). He also had a Badcat head and 4x12 on the show I went to, but he told us it wasn't working right, so he used the little combo amp behind it. :P
Of course he has a lot more than that, but I hope this is of some help at least... Oh, and I'd KILL for his distorted tone. You can't go by the one he has on the records, live it's just mindblowing. Best distortion I've ever heard.
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i used a searchbar!!

i'm looking for a porcupine tree tone at the moment - wanting more specifically to know what effects/amps he uses for his simply STUNNING lead tone in dark matter (specifically around 5.30)?

link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbYTpsEM84w
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He's known to use a Line6 PodXT in the studio most of the time. On PT albums, you're either hearing a PodXT, Bad Cat Hot Cat, or Diesel (not sure which model he uses/used). If he's not using the Bad Cat Hot Cat combo, he's using a Marshall cab with Celestion Greenback's.

You might want to ditch the ME-50 and pick up a PodXT. *cough* I happen to be selling a PodXT Live. *cough*