Poll: do you hear the octave easily/naturally
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23 82%
no, had to train to hear it.
5 18%
Voters: 28.
I know the octave because of ear training, but before that it wasn't really special to me. I mean it seemed the same as any other note, and was actually one of my harder intervals to hear. Sometimes I only heard it because I knew it wasn't any of the other intervals.

But, from everything I've read the octave is supposed to be this super easy almost built-in interval we all know. Am I just weird or did other people not naturally hear it?
Maybe you have tone deafness. I read in the paper this morning that 1 in 10 people suffer from it.
Learn some songs that use it. Purple Haze? Black Sabbath?
Call me Batman.
^^He said he already knows it.

I'm the same - I know it's an octave but if I'm listening for it I find it easier to confuse with another interval.
I think it's just something about trying too hard - you're looking for more than there is, if that makes sense.