Looks pretty sweet-I dunno if you've looked at similar stuff like PRS's or Epi's
Buy elect the dead...
yeah i did and this definatly seemed to be the best for the price but any other recommendations would be great
Hmm yeah i have a hamer which was £225 n i love it but the ibanez looks good for the price-r the pups active or passive?
Buy elect the dead...
I probly got to this a little too late. I own the ART 100 series, and I would assume they are nearly the same. It all depends on what your looking for when your playing. I play like, soom metal, so I get the best of both worlds when it comes to chords, and scales. The ART series kicks soo much ass when you replace the standard Ibanez pickups with whatever pickups you happen to like. And changing the strings are a breeze.
i owned the art120 and the active pickups weren't that great for me. i play a lot of metal and they just weren't powerful enough, probably because they were powered using aa batteries instead of a 9 volt?

i like my pickups with a bit higher output. the tone was sweet enough though and nice cleans were possible in both bridge and neck positions.

also the pickups are not very punchy