I am currently having major difficulty choosing between these two pedals. :/ I need a new distortion to be able to change my sound alot more.
I play Progressive Rock mainly but with elements of Blues and Indie. My main influences are Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Wilco and Radiohead.
Any advise would be appreciated!
^NO. Good god, no.

TS: Those aare two rather different peals. The 69 is a fuzz face, the hotcake is an OD. The 69 has more or less two sounds- really fuzzy or cleaned up with the volume knob. Both are excellent. The hotcake gets a bigger range of sounds, OD to heavy od and distortion at the top of the gain knob. Either one would be great, but they're apples to oranges. The 69 is discontinued btw, I don't know what ebay prices look like, but they're probably inflated. The analogman sunface, monsterpiece fuzz, or another fuzz face clone will be just as good (or better!) for a lower price, I would think.
Ohhh noice. Yeah I'll check those pedals out.
Which pedals again? Analogman Sunface? And what else? Is the monster piece an analogman make?
Analogman sunface, Throbak fuzz haze, dunlop hendrix FF reissue (not the old, red one!), euthymia crucible fuzz, etc. There are a lot.