I think your vibrato looks fantastic. Keep up the good work!
hmm, just feels wrong when i play lol or like im not getting enough back and forth in the tone. i guess thanks then lol!.
i didnt see anything wrong with your vibrato.

that is quite a slow piece though...i thought when you said fast you meant a bit quicker than that.

I think you have a pretty good handle on it. Vibrato is kind of like palm muting, it only gets better with time, and you dont really need to directly practice it.
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heh well its faster compared to some other stuff. its actually prolly not even the speed but more the wierd (for me) change in hand postion so that i can vibrato. i was watching the music video where james does it and his is obviously a lot smoother but he also is able to pivot off his knuckle whereas i have to use the part of my hand at the base of the thumb.

palm muting tho...i never even mess with that as i never seem to play the songs i liek that have it in it hehe.
well...muting is pretty damn important lol, so start using it.
Jackson KV2 USA Snow White/Black Bevels