got my mic and pre amp (Art tube mp) and just discovered i have bought the wrong cable's.

i need an xlr to xlr cable for the mic into pre amp, Question - will one end of the cable be male and the other female? (the site just said xlr to xlr and didnt mention that one end is female and the other male

I need an xlr to 1/4 inch jack - question - will i need a male or female xlr jack to fit into the pre amp out put?

a standard mic cable (XLR with M at one side and F at the other) is all thats needed to feed a mic into the preamp.

The output has a TS or XLR output...either will work but the XLR is always best to use IMO.

The output XLR has a male jack so you need a female ended XLR cable.

Image of the back of the MP:
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thanks, i am just about to order the cable but the xlr to xlr cable doesn't say that one end is female and the other is male. might sound obvious that one end is female and the other is gonna be male but i just wanna make sure i dont order the wrong one again, i am a complete noob at this stuff

thanks again
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Ive yet to see an XLR cable without two different ends...
if you really want tot be sure, buy the cables at the local store.
or you can always use the TS 1/4" output...

We have loads at college with two female ends.
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