well.. i wonder whats the big difference in the quality.becouse a gibson explorer, flying v is like 1800$..and a standart les paul is like 3330$..so what the difference for the 1500$??...
gues just the name...

and were did teh firebird go can't find it on the gibson page
well for what little bit i know about gibsons heres what im guessing. les pauls have arc-tops which requires extra steps in manufacturing while a flying V is about as basic of a body shape to create as there is. tho not sure where your getting those prices from because you can get a standard gibson les paul for 2 grand. the finish on a les paul also requires extra man hours to produce. so those are my guesses heh.


cant find any firebirds at the page

and i say'd 3300$
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Sadly they discountinued firebirds this year.

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