Right, in my GCSE music class we're doing composition and we need to do backing music in D minor to this song about a railway man or something, anyway the teacher said "You can write your own lyrics to put music to if you want" and all this crap, me and my friend's (drummer and bassist) asked to to ours on drums, bass and guitar.
So we're doing a death metal song, the "sample" song we're given, if we don't want to write lyrics, are to do with a railway man or something so we changed that up a bit, well the drummer did, anyway here are the lyrics (BTW this isn't serious death metal, though the music will be all serious):

Angry train, Mr Railway man,
Dies in pain,
Onwards to the sky,
Freedom train,
Crushed by the souls of dying martyrs
Vicious train, metaphor,
For the imminent, civil war
Mr Railway man, usurped by the Fat Controller
He has no glory, only anguish

Achtung! Krieg! Blood clot! Haemorrhage! Death! VALLHALLLA! Fag burn! Coffee cream!!


(50 bar solo)

(Aimless drumming)

(Stab picture of fat controller with guitar neck)

(Fry audience with laser vision)

Death to all the pygmy sperm whales.