I handed my amp into my local guitar shop last night to get it revalved and rebiased...

But i told the guy that off of eurotubes i found the biasing numbers to be between 36-45mV

Now the small thing here is its acctually mA but he should figure that out right? i mean hes biased alot of amps i think and probably knows

but its acctually 36-42mA and i told him to run it hot...hes going to put it to like 45mA...

is this going to blow my amp or anything? if not what will it do??

If its going to make anything too bad happen ill phone up and tell him i made a mistake...

he'll know you mean mA, I wouldn't worry about that part. He should be testing the plate voltage and bias current anyway if he's biasing tubes for your specific amp. Running hot, you're going to burn through tubes quicker, that's about it afaik. It will probably sound really good though. I like them right around 70%, not too hot, but hot enough to stay out of crossover distortion. Too hot makes it a little saggy ime, at least with my limited experience dealing with my amps. Makes an awesome classic rock and hard rock tone, but I prefer them biased pretty neutral for metal.
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